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“We also recently had a new hot water heater installed by Jeremy Brown of Water Heaters Only. He did a great job! He arrived, removed the old unit, installed the new unit and was done in a little over an hour in a hot garage. We are thankful for his service and professionalism. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to replace a water heater. Great job Jeremy! Thank you!”

Mark W, Dallas area, TX. Provided By Google

“You know who ROCKS and is EXTREMELY knowledgeable? David and this company!! Highly Recommend!”

JR T, Dallas area, TX. Provided By Google

It’s so easy to do business with Water Heater Only! The office estimated the price and then install new water heater within one day! Save me lots of headache and also reasonable charge! Thanks Water Heater Only and thank you very much Jeremy!

Highly recommend your business!”

Camvan T , Dallas area, TX. Provided By Google

“The service person Jeremy B was on time and installed the water heater and explain things when I ask any questions he told me to wait about 30 minutes for the water to get hot. Be careful when you turn it on.”

Peggy C , Dallas area, TX. Provided By Google

Jeremy B was on-time, efficient, and friendly. We appreciate his work.

Glenda S, Dallas area, TX. Provided By Google

“I could not be any happier with my working experience with Water Heaters Only, Inc. They installed both of my water heaters and did an amazing job. They provided me an estimate on the phone that was very accurate. The total cost was reasonably priced.”

Greg S, Dallas area, TX. Provided By Google

“I love my new water heater that was installed yesterday by Jeremy Brown of Water Heaters Only. Jeremy was very courteous and kind. He answered all my questions with confidence in his knowledge of plumbing and gas water heaters. I will recommend this company to all my friends and family. Great service!”

Cherry N, Dallas area, TX. Provided By Google

“Where I live I try use local businesses but after getting the run around from 3 plumbers I called Water Heaters Only, got a quote and an install date in 15 minutes, Jeremy Brown showed up and installed 2 – 50 gallon water heaters with updated water lines. Can’t say enough about Jeremy. Prompt, Professional and Personable. Don’t call anyone else.”

Jim H, Dallas area, TX. Provided By Google

“I bought my condo 2 years ago and suddenly my water heater stopped working. I thought that I needed a water heater repair but turns out I needed a replacement due to severe rusting, leak and burnt out element. Jeremy said I would need to replace the unit but he suggested that i check with the manufacturer to determine if the unit was still under warranty and a ballpark figure for the cost of installation I can expect from the manufacturer/contractor who would do the installation (original heater was not purchased or installed by Water Heaters Only) At the same time, Jeremy also provided an estimate of the cost to replace using Water Heaters only and everything that price would cover as well as information on warranty etc. so I could do a price comparison. I DID NOT ASK HIM FOR THIS. I had told him I did not do this before so he was telling me what to expect. I called the manufacturer and turns out it was still under warranty. Since the warranty covered provided a free replacement heater, the cost of the big box retailer that was supposed to do the installation (they had done the original install) provided a quote for installation ONLY. The installation quote was almost the same as the quote Jeremy provided!! This was insane because Jeremy’s quote included a cost of a brand new water heater AND INSTALLATION!! There was no additional charge to haul away etc. I decided to go with Water heaters only-Jeremy was very helpful, the persons answering the phone were also helpful and willingly answered my many questions since I had never had to deal with this before.”

Rhea M, Dallas area, TX. Provided By Google

“Jeremy B installed a new water heater for us. He was on time, completed the install quickly, and explained how to change the thermostat is needed. An excellent experience.”

Carol M, Dallas area, TX. Provided By Google

If you have to replace a water heater, Water Heaters Only makes the process as painless as possible. Have used them twice now. Jeremy B was the technician this time. Top notch. Left everything super clean. Amazing that he did the entire job by himself.”

Craig P, Dallas area, TX. Provided By Google

“Mine was a simple water heater replacement job. Jeremy B preformed the work for Water Heaters Only, Inc. The work was done in a very professional manner. The old heater was removed, and the work space was cleaned with all old parts and piping removed. Also, the price was very reasonable for the work performed. I give Jeremy and Water Heaters Only six stars if I could.”

Wilmoth R, Dallas area, TX. Provided By Google

“Jeremy B did an excellent job installing two new water heaters in a fourth floor attic! Thank goodness he had a strong helper for going up and down the stairs. Jeremy was polite and responsive and took some extra time at the end to teach me about water heater maintenance.”

Ken B, Dallas area, TX. Provided By Google

“Jeremy B was our awesome technician! He arrived on time and worked efficiently. He even educated us a little! As first time home owners, it has been very difficult to find a company that doesn’t rip you off-and we definitely found a GREAT company with water heaters only! Thank you so much for all you do.”

Grace W, Dallas area, TX. Provided By Google

“We called Water Heaters Only and Paul answered all of our questions about price and how the process was going to happen. He answered all of our questions in just one phone call. He was very professional throughout the whole conversation. When the technician (Jeremy) came, he was also very professional and told us what to expect outright. Jeremy answered all of our questions and got started with the work right away. He gave an estimate time, but finished before that. We were completely amazed with the whole process (the cost being lower than other companies was definitely a big plus) and will definitely recommend Water Heaters Only, Inc to anyone. You guys are awesome!!!”

Lebrin L, Dallas area, TX. Provided By Google

“I called at 8:30 this morning and got an 11 to 3 time window, I was wowed someone could get to me so soon on a Labor Day weekend. Jeremy, the installation tech called me at 12:15 to say he was on his way and gave me an ETA of 30 minutes, and was punctual. Once he and his associate got down to business, they had the old water heater out and the new one in in less than an hour. The price was in the low range of what I was told on the phone, I was happy about that (as happy as one can be for having to replace a hot water heater, lol). Jeremy and his associate were friendly, professional, and did a first-rate job. I am not a satisfied customer but a delighted one. I recommend Water Heaters Only highly.”

Keith J, Dallas area, TX.  Provided By Google

“Jeremy and Jack came to the house – wearing masks because of COVID-19 guarding – that was important because my wife wants no one in the house without a mask at this time. They explained to me what they would do, and did it. They banged no furniture and did no damage. They explained what they had done when it was over, and left the area in good condition. I am 100% satisfied.”

Lawrence R, Dallas area, TX.  Provided By Google

“Jeremy and Zack did a very good job”

William M, Dallas area, TX.  Provided By Google

“Jeremy and Zack provided me with excellent service. They completed the installation in less than an hour. They were quiet and efficient. I had hot water in 45 minutes and I am thrilled. I have recommended them to my BFF and am confident y’all will receive a call. Thank you so much. It might be ten plus years before I have to call again but I will definitely use you.”

Debra C, Dallas area, TX.  Provided By Google

“Save money and time. Just call them! Don’t shop around, it’s not worth it. Fast, efficient, friendly, on time.”

Chrostopher B, Dallas area, TX.  Provided By Google

“I had a 15 year old water heater that kept making a popping sound whether I was running water anywhere in the house.  I called Water Heaters Only because this company had installed a Rheem Water Heater 15 years ago.  When I told the person on the phone what the problem was, I was told that the popping noise wasn’t hurting anything, but that I would eventually need a new heater because of the age.  I decided that I would go ahead and get a new heater.  The mechanic, Mr. Brown, looked at my utility closet and the 40 gallon replacement would not fit in the area.  He said I could enlarge the closet and that would have been costly.  So instead of a 40 gallon water heater, I decided I could be happy with a 30 gallon heater instead and avoid the extra expense of remodeling.  Mr. Brown and his assistant came yesterday and installed the heater and explained how long it would take to heat the water and any air that should come out of my water pipes in the house was normal.  Both gentlemen were very courteous and took care of the job so easily.  I am grateful that I was able to get the service done and not worry about the heater going out should I
have company staying with me.”

Doris W, Dallas area, TX.  Provided By Yelp

“Came on short notice and did a great job. Highly recommended.”


Greg H, Dallas area, TX.  Provided By Google

“Jeremy B and his helper Zack did a great job! Arrived at the time stated and got the job done without any muss or fuss. Answered all our questions and left us happy with our new water heater”


Sam W, Dallas area, TX.  Provided By Google

“July 19th Mr. Brown and colleague replaced my water heater. They were both very professional. They went over what they would be doing and gave a estimate time for the job to be completed. It didn’t seem like it took them at long at all. Once the job was done Mr. Brown went from the warranty and helpful information like where my cut offs are in case I ever needed to know. I recommend them!!”

Calli L, Dallas area, TX.  Provided By Google

“They did an excellent job. Mechanic was Mr. Brown. They removed the old and installed the new with absolute professionalism. We would use them again if the need arises and recommend them to friends and family. Thank you! Please see attached for mailing address Order #116631”

Beth L, Dallas area, TX.  Provided By Google

The guys who installed my new water heater were very nice and professional. They promptly completed the installation and I had hot water again!! I had called several companies to compare prices, and I saved money using Water Heaters Only, plus had great service. I definitely recommend them.

Rita A, Dallas area, TX.  Provided By Google

“We were out of hot water. I read excellent reviews online and I called water heater only guys on 4/8/2019. I spoke to Tom and he had a schedule available for next day. After my request for the same day, he said, he will see what he can do. After an hour and half, I got a call and Jeremy reached around noon. He gave me fair estimates and discount on top of that. He finished installing new water heater within two hours. I recommend water heater only to everyone. A happy customer and I had a likewise experience like everyone else.”

Avinash K, Dallas area, TX. April 2019. Provided By google

“Jeremy and his crew did a awesome job installing are water heaters on Feb 19, 2019!”

Maria R, Dallas area, TX. February 2019. Provided By Google.

“We chose Water Heaters Only again because of their honest customer service, great experience with a previous service 7 months ago, and rapid response time. We noticed our water heater had gone out on February 5th, and Jeremy and his team showed up promptly on the 6th, right on time. It only took them approximately an hour to install the new one, update all of our connections up to code, and haul away the old one. They were even kind enough to answer my numerous questions they were doing as they were working, and inspect our other water heater before they left. They were efficient, professional, and knowledgable. We’re very pleased we went with Water Heaters Only over the rest!”

Christina H, Dallas TX, February 2019, Provided By Google.

“Noticed the water heater leaking at 8:00 pm last night and called the 800 number to set up an appointment for the morning. The tech, Jeremy, called at 9:15 am and said he was 20 minutes away. They showed up on time, gave me an estimate, did the work, cleaned up and got us back in hot water in less than 2 hours. Great work on 10/18/18.”

Mark P, Dallas TX, October 2018, Provided By

“I came home last night to see puddled water on the floor of the garage. I caught a late shower and used up the last of the lukewarm water. Woke up, did some searches and came upon this company. A previous plumbing company had quoted me $1,700 to replace the hot water heater. I called these guys at 10:39am, quoted a price of $1,100 – $1,300 for a standard Rheem 50 gallon hot water heater, with them arriving between 1-5pm. No strange “weekend call” upcharge. Tech called at 12:09 and they were here approx 40 mins later. By 2:30pm they were done and I had a new hot water heater. I don’t know if the service could have been more prompt or expeditious! Would definitely use them again! Technician Brown did an excellent job today.”

Geoff K, Dallas TX, October 2018, Provided By

“The technicians were thorough and replaced our water heater quickly. Jeremy B and his assistant explained all they would do, including replacing the water heater pan and the water intake hoses, and verifying the price. They removed the old water heater and replaced with a new one. They were neat and covered my carpet with plastic so no clean up was needed by me. They did a good job on August 23, 2018.”

Carol M, Dallas TX, September 2018, Provided By

“I made a call…they gave me a price…I checked two competitors and then called them right back. Booked the service the same day. Great work….would hire them again…”

Kurt T, Dallas TX, September 2018, Provided By

“Jeremy and Zack installed a new unit 8/31/18. They were prompt and very courteous, and efficient. But they did not use drop clothes on the stairs, and their 2 wheel hand truck and boots left black marks on the carpet on the stairs and upstairs hall. Everything else was great. Thanks”

Robert L,  Carrollton TX,  August 2018. Provided By

After attempting to schedule with two plumbers for my inconvenient Friday water heater disaster, I called Water Heaters Only. They were there within the hour and replaced my water heater at the quoted price! Well done, guys!

April F June 2018, Provided By

“We called Water Heaters Only because they were recommended by a friend. We noticed our water heater leaking on a Sunday and called them for an appointment. Their guys were here the very next morning, on time. It took them less than hour to install the new one and explain to me everything they did. They were very efficient and professional. I am very happy with their quality of work.”

Mike B June 2018, Provided By Google

“After so much research, I decided to use Water Heaters Only to install a new water heater in my condo in Turtle Creek area.  They were very reasonable, efficient, clean, honest (didn’t oversell) and were here in the agreed upon time.  I highly recommend this company if you are looking for service on your water heater.”

Nyla M., Dallas, TX October 2017 Review provided by

“Yesterday, Jan 4, 2016, I decided to replace a water heater. It was 21 years old and I felt that was long enough. The old WH was installed in Feb 1995 by Kerby of your firm, so I called WHO again and MOE was sent out. He was quick, professional, thorough and did a clean job of replacement. We are quite satisfied with his work and the heater. He suggested we not expect 21 out of the new one, and we don’t. But our experience has been very nice. Thanks to Moe.”

Michael W, Duncanville, TX, January 2016,  Provided by

We have used them twice (the first time before Yelp was born!) and our experience has been very good.  Our regular plumber is a bit older and our water heater is upstairs in an attic, so when we needed a new water heater he suggested Water Heaters Only.  I trust my plumber from years of dealing with him and knew he did not give recommendations lightly so I had no reservations about calling them, but I did have high expectations.  The first time we used them their response time was fast (a few hours) and within another hour or so we had a new water heater installed at what I considered to be a fair and reasonable price.  We had a few “code” compliance things (access to a drain) that needed updating, so the price for those items drove the overall price up, but that is city stuff, not them.  The actual install was quick, clean and efficient.  The second time we have used them was last week when a thermostat on the water heater went out.  The first folks out from the company diagnosed the problem, however the part is difficult to come by for our particular model, so they did not have it immediately in stock.  The folks that came out and diagnosed the problem were prompt, respectful, and worked quickly. They told us they would need to find the part as they did not have any in stock but should be able to have it and install it the next day.  The next day, just as they had promised, another employee of Water Heaters Only came to install the part.  I was really impressed after the install when he told me he was going to do some paper work in his truck and come back in in a little bit just to make certain everything was fixed correctly and still working.  He did just that and we settled the bill once everything was confirmed to be working and then he was off to his next happy customer. It is nice when you find good honest people in the home improvement business and Water Heaters Only, in my experience, have been exactly that.”

Kurt V, Dallas TX April 2015, Provided by

“We called Waters Heaters Only on Sunday because our water heater had started to leak.  We were given information that helped us to determine what we needed to do. We were told that a serviceman would come the next day to install a new heater. Moe arrived about 2 pm and immediately began th removal of the old heater and installed the new one.  He was very polite, knowledgeable, and precise as he went about his work.  So far everything is working fine and we are pleased with the service we received.  Thanks Moe for a doing a great job.”

Portia T, Dallas TX, January 2015. Provided by

“Mo was my installation technician and was in and out in a couple of hours.  Our new water heaters worked immediately, and it is over a week later and we have had no issues.  I was referred to Water Heaters Only by our neighbors who also enjoyed the quality and level of service.”

Matthew Z, Dallas TX January 2015. Provided by

“14 1/2 years old 40 gal water heater installed by water heater only in ’97 was still working well but to have a peace of mind I decided to replace it with 50 gal water heater before any thing happens. When the nice plumber came and told me it might work for another 2 years without problem, I almost sent him back. He gave me the price quote and asked for signature before installation. The plumber explained how to shut down in case of emergency and the temperature difference for each mark after he cleaned up the site. We will see whether this one will be just as good as the old one. The home depot said I would see a $1200 bill if I order their GE hot water heater and installed by their contractor. A local plumber gave me a quote of $1100. I paid $840 for my Bradford White (made in USA) with pan. Please send me the sensor to put in the pan. Thank you. Installed by Moe”

Mei T, Plano, TX 5/3/12 -  Provided by Insider Pages

“W.H.O. worked with my schedule by coming out on time. Moe was patient in answering all my questions as he replaced the heater and making sure all is well before he left. I would use W.H.O. again (hopefully not for at least 6 years :)) and will recommend W.H.O. to my clients. Thanks, Water Heaters Only Inc.” 

Peter M, Grand Prairie, TX, 1/26/12, Provided by Insider Pages

“Only place for H20 heaters. Same day service by the famous Moz. Very satisfied and would use them again.”

Ken P, Dallas, TX January 2015. Provided by Insider Pages

“Excellent customer experience with this company. Called midday and was able to get appointment within 4 hours of calling. They had product I wanted and delivered as promised. Technician installed in less that 1.5 hours, cleaned up and hauled away old tank. He even took the time to answer all my questions and show me proper operation and maintenance of my new unit. Will be using them again for sure when the time comes to replace my 2nd unit. I highly recommend you go with Water Heaters Only. You will not regret it.”

Shawn G Euless, TX January 2012. Provided by Insider Pages

“Just a phone call is all it took to have a new water heater installed at a fair price. They could have been out in an hour but I was able to schedule an appointment more convenient for me. The installer showed up on time and was finished in about an hour and a half. He took the time to explain the settings and made sure I had the manual and warranty information. Easy from start to finish!!! Great Job for a senior couple!”

Clyde C, Dallas, TX, November 2011, review provided by Insider Pages

“November in Texas is getting cold. I just turned 73 and my wife had a neck operation a month ago. Bad time for the water heater to go out. I called Water Heaters Only and talked with the manager about 10:00 am. He had the 10 year warranty water heater I wanted and said he would have it installed today! His block time was 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm.All was installed by 2:00 pm!! Great job and super prompt! You can’t beat that! Thanks very much.”

Shauna M., Dallas, TX, November 2011, review provided by Insider Pages