Commercial Water Heaters

Commercial Water Heater Delivery

  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Care Homes
  • Grocery Stores
  • Salons
  • Industrial Facilities

Water Heaters Only, Inc. Dallas installs many types of commercial water heaters. Generally, commercial water heaters are rated by the FHR (first hour rating), which is the total amount of hot water the commercial unit can produce in the first hour of usage. The FHR is a result of how many BTUs the water heater burns and the gallon capacity of the commercial water heater tank.

Common Commercial Water Heater Sizes
Light Duty
100 Gallon
83,000 BTU’S
Medium Duty
100 Gallon
199,000 BTU’S
Heavy Duty
80 Gallon
512,000 BTU’S
Commercial Water Heater Light Duty100-83-ASAO_comm_gas-btn_masterfitCommercial Water Heater Heavy Duty sm

When replacing your commercial water heater, it’s important to know the BTU input of your existing unit. To find the BTU rating or input and gallon capacity of your commercial water heater, find the rating plate or manufacturer’s label. It is most often located on the upper portion of your commercial water. See our sample manufacturers label/rating plate below:

Water Heater Rating Plate

commercial water heater rating plate

93 Gallon – 199,000 BTU’S

Water Heaters Only, Inc. will replace your existing water heater with either a like-for-like unit or the most comparable type of commercial water heater available on the market. New commercial water heaters have undergone energy code upgrades and many changes in technology in the past few years. Most are now manufactured to meet higher air and energy quality standards.

At Water Heaters Only, Inc., we are continually learning about the new commercial water heater designs and requirements so we can provide our customers the best possible water heater available for their needs. Call 1-800-835-8041 for an estimate or to discuss what size/type of commercial water heater would be best for you. A qualified technician can then be sent to your location to ensure you get the best pricing and the right product for your commercial hot water needs.