Don’t let your Turkey Day get gobbled up because you have no hot water!

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Don’t let your Turkey Day get gobbled up because you have no hot water!

Water heaters are probably one of the most forgotten components to our homes and businesses. One thing we can always count on is when it isn’t working like we’re used to, we immediately notice. And, if your luck is anything like ours, it happens at the most inconvenient time. As we like to say ”People don’t think about their water heater until they HAVE to think about their water heater!”

Imagine, if you will: You get up early on Thanksgiving Day to start your kitchen duties. You’ve got grand visions of a perfectly roasted turkey, homemade cranberry sauce, those delicious yeast rolls Aunt Sally used to make, the deviled eggs that are always a staple, and let’s not forget that homemade stuffing grandma refuses to give up the recipe for.

You start gathering all your ingredients then pull the turkey out of the fridge after it’s been diligently thawed for the past 2 days. The turkey takes the longest, so you haul it over to the sink, remove the wrapping and netting, pull the goodies out of the carcass, then turn your water on so you can rinse it off before prepping it for its extended stay in the oven.

You think to yourself, “Man… the ground must be cold outside because this water just isn’t heating up as fast as it usually does.” You walk off, leaving the water running to go grab the pan you’ll use for the turkey. Once back at the sink, the water still isn’t heating up. You wash your hands off, go to the sink in the bathroom, then the shower and still… no hot water.

Now you’ll have to go check out the water heater to see what’s going on. Where is that heater again? You can’t even remember because you never have to even think about it. Once you remember where that sucker is located, your fear has been verified. Luckily the water heater is in the garage because there’s a huge leak and the tank is empty.

Have no fear, W.H.O. is here! Give us a call at 214-653-8338 and we’ll send a technician out immediately to get you back into some hot water. Our company doesn’t charge a penny over our regular fees to replace water heaters on nights, weekends or EVEN holidays! We know it’s usually unheard of, but we’re an honest, reliable, family-owned company that just wants the best for our customers.

Check out the reviews from our fabulous customers, as they speak for themselves. We will be out as soon as we can to help save your Turkey Day! As an extra treat, we’ve added a few of our favorite Thanksgiving feast recipes for your family to gobble up.

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